Thursday, August 7, 2014

SweetCorn Soup

Always Sweet Corn Soups are accompanied into Royal Cuisine...
Well.. Lets not elaborate and get into the sets of making them..

Grab a medium size sweet corn. Boil them.
Peel off the corn kernels.
Grind half of the kernels into a thick paste without adding water.

Having done this, let us take a carrot, & few french beans.
Adding too much vegetables will spoil the sweet corn taste.
I have taken these vegetables as i need some vegetable stock to prepare the soup.

Boil the vegetables with water and salt to taste.
Let the vegetables be crunchy boiled, I mean dont overcook.

Next take 1and half tbsp of Cornflour and mix with a cup of water.

Take a sauce pan, add 3 spoonfuls of oil and 1 spoonful of butter.
Pour in the vegetable stock along with the crunchy cooked vegetables.
Add in the salt and pepper preferred to taste.
Mix in the grinded cornflour paste.
Add the sliced garlic.
Allow a std cooking time of 5 minutes.
After which pour the cornflour-water mixture.
Let it cook for 4 minutes.
Lastly add the boiled Corn kernels..

The soup is ready for you to serve..Enjoy!!!

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