Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Apple Jam

Its actually ' in no time ' recipe.
And yields absolutely fresh home made jam ever.

I took an Apple., 3/4th cup Sugar.,

I chopped the apple into small pieces.
No I din't take away the skin of the apple as I'm fond of the skin nutrients as well.
Next placed them in an Oven- Safe vessel.
At 100% power I microwave cooked them for 5 minutes.
Allowed the softened apple-sugar mixture to cool.

Followed which, I took a blender and made a smooth paste
of the Apple - Sugar mixture.

Immediately, I transferred them to the Oven - Safe vessel
and again at 60% power microwave cooked them for 8minutes.
Inbetween they need a stir.

Once out, I poured 2tbsp squeeze of lemon and gave a quick stir.

Yes, the jam is now ready :-)

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